So That is Why it is So Hard to Close a Ziplock...

So That is Why it is So Hard to Close a Ziplock Bag Properly!


Ziplock bags are both a source of convenience and of frustration. Air Jordan 11 (XI) We love them because they allow us to store perishable items, such as food, for a long time. We deplore them because they are so hard to close. Maglie Orlando Magic Why is it such a difficult task to zip up these bags? The answer lies in the complicated nature of their hi-tech design. Ziplock bags have to serve a number of functions. At times, the varying objectives are at odds with each other, resulting in consumers experiencing the dual love-hate relationship with these now seeming necessary parts of our households.

  • Keep food frozen
  • Keep air out
  • Be easy to reopen and reseal

As shown here, the ultimate problem for scientists has always been how to create a bag that will keep food frozen, prevent air from getting inside and still remain easy for users to open. An airtight bag is no problem for researchers. The hard part is making one that can be opened easily, perhaps even reused. air max homme pas cher The first resealable bag was the invention of Börge Madsen in 1950. Developers continued to make improvements over the generations. Significant changes came in the 1980s, 1990s and early-2000s. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren wit In 1982, they produced wide-track ribs. nike air max 1993 brought about the clicking zipper. Color zippers, born in 1997, informed users when the bag had shut completely. Finally, 2006’s double zippers provided the familiar clicking sound that signifies an airtight, secure bag Ironically, all of this research and development made things even more complicated for us in our homes. Maglia Dwyane Wade For example, the snapping and clicking sounds that we expect to result when the bag shuts, fools most into stopping before they should. Nike Air Max 2016 Heren zwart These people leave air pockets that then prevent the proper storage of perishable items, especially food. soldes nike 2017 From the 1950s until today, society has tried to mass produce a resealable freezer bag, only to succeed in part. We have the Ziplock, in which there is a love-hate relationship. What we do not have is a bag that the average person can use properly.