Become a Beetnik in the Kitchen With 7 Simple But Poetic Recipes!

Become a Beetnik in the Kitchen With 7 Simple But Poetic Recipes!


If your parents didn’t raise you on a steady diet of beets, you might have learned about them, thanks to Dwight Schrute. Goedkoop Nike Air Max Or maybe you have loved these red or gold taproot nuggets all your life and simply need a new way to incorporate them into your diet and turn your family into ‘niks too. Since beets are brimming with health benefits, such as widening blood vessels to allow more bloodflow and improving energy and endurance, it makes sense to find as many ways as possible to squeeze them into your diet. Everyone can use a beet boost, so put on your best cooking beret, dark shades and black polo before expressing yourself through beets with these seven recipes that help your family embrace the power of the beet:

7Get Pickled With Beets!

Go to many salad bars and most senior citizen-focused cafeterias, and you will find a pit of pickled beets. One nibble and you will understand why people dig these briny treats. Clocking in at just under two hours, you can use your pickled beets in salads and as quick treats.

6Sweet and Salty Beety Tarts

Combine roasted red and gold beets with goat cheese then drizzle them with honey, and you have these one-of-a-kind beet-based pastries.

5Beat the Brunch Blues With Beets!

Could it get any better than blueberry beet pancakes for brunch? Revel in the pillow soft cakes while taking in hints of cinnamon that goes the extra distance to enhance the beet and blueberry flavors. nike air max nettbutikk Add your favorite toppings, such as coconut flakes, slivered almonds and Greek yogurt. For starters. Mochilas Kanken Big

4Roasted Beets With Lemons Become a Sweet Sensation

Try this simple lemon-herb roasted beets recipe for a surprisingly sweet and savory sensory experience. Golden beets work best aesthetically, but any beets will work, as long as you get the right blend of lemon and basil in the mix.

3Beets and Spuds Are Chips Off the Old Block

With this crispy beet recipe, you can add a twist to you standard baked potato chip recipe. Add some Himalayan rock salt and thyme to support the beets and spuds, and you’re in for an exciting new treat.

2Beets With a Twist

Turn your homemade pretzel twists into fuschia works of art with these beet pretzel twists with pistachio pesto. chaussures nike air max pas cher It rolls off the tongue, right? Well, they tickle your taste buds just as smoothly. nike air max chaussure

1Beef Up Your Burgers By Substituting Beets and Beans

Some of the biggest beet haters — it’s hard to believe they exist — often feel shocked and confused to learn some of their favorite veggie burgers contain beets.