Myers-Briggs Personality Tests Reveal Hidden Secrets to Earning More Money

Myers-Briggs Personality Tests Reveal Hidden Secrets to Earning More Money


Personality affects people in different ways. Myers-Briggs personality tests reveal that some personality types display leadership qualities which some employer’s ultimately look for, when they are searching for the right candidate to head a sales department. However, some employers might consider a strong personality type to be competitive, and might feel somewhat threatened.

Nevertheless, it takes a variety of personality types to work and succeed at any job. During a recent study, much light was shed on personality types and how careers are affected by the different characteristics of people’s personality. The study shows and in-depth view of how some personality types are able to succeed, where others fail.

The report entitled; Personality Type & Career Achievement, reveals the outcome of at least 16 personality types, and how their personality dictate the type of careers that they will, or have chosen for themselves. The report shows how some personality types are more prone to earn a higher income, or excel in higher positions within the organization.

Other personality types or comfortable and satisfied working at any job, and yet other personality types choose to become entrepreneurs or stay- at- home- parents. Introverts are most likely to make the least amount of money, because their gifts and talents are undervalued, and overlooked.

When it comes to success in the workplace, and earning higher income, Judgers, Sensors, Extraverts, and Thinkers earn the highest incomes, with introverts being on the lower end.

Even in a survey poll, people with a J-type personality came in among the highest group of individuals that were satisfied with their overall present job. However, introverts can be in on the lower end, of not being completely satisfied with their overall job.

People with a J-type personality are normally in higher executive positions. They tend to be in managerial or supervisory positions. Although, surprisingly, extroverts tend to do better in this type of position than introverts. However, Sensing, judging, thinking, and introversion personality type people perform better than most personality types.

Since the average income for ENTJ types are over two times more than INTP types, it is hard to overlook the obvious conclusion, that personality type does play a vital role in the way people view their careers, and job status in the workplace.