Self-Driving Semi

Self-Driving Semi


Wolfgang Bernhard and Nevada governor Brian Sandoval are proud to introduce, Freightliner Inspiration, the world’s first officially recognized self-driving truck. Freightliner Inspiration is an innovative tech-version of the Daimler 18-wheeler that is currently sold globally. Fjallraven Kanken Mini The new truck, which is still in beta testing phases, is designed to make long-haul road transportation safer, cheaper, and better for the planet.

Meet the New Semi The Freightliner Inspiration will take control only on the highway. nike tn requin pas cher It will maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and stay in its lane. If it needs to pass a slower vehicle, the driver will have to take control. If the truck finds itself in a dangerous situation, for example a steep grade or heavy snow covering the lanes, it will alert the driver that it is time for him to take control. Asics Pas Cher Site Officiel If the driver doesn’t take control within five seconds, then the truck will gradually slow to a stop.

The semi uses a stereoscopic camera to read lane lines. chaussures asics homme pas cher A short and long range radar scan checks the road up to 800 feet ahead for objects. Goedkoop New Balance Before it is ready for use on public highways, the truck will need to be tested for a few more million miles. It will also need to be tested in a wide variety of conditions and locations. The automaker expects that the new self-driving semi will be ready for use in about a decade. However, the wait is well worth it if the truck can help to save lives, reduce driver errors, and improve long-haul shipping capacities.

In short, don’t be alarmed if ten years from now you see a truck driver playing a video game instead of sitting with two hands on the wheel.