Chalk One Up for the Mexican Government’s War on Drugs

Chalk One Up for the Mexican Government’s War on Drugs

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The United States likes to get cute with it’s “war on drugs.” With hundreds of millions of dollars spent on tossing low level marijuana users in prison, it is more of a war on the taxpayers money to put such non-violent individuals in prison as the tax payers expense. However, the Mexican war on drugs is far more real. Juarez, the city right across from El Paso, Texas on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande, has long been known as being the, if not one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the world. This is not because or pick pockets or those looking to kidnap visitors to the country for profit. Instead, it is all based around the drug cartel. The drug cartel often systematically executes government officials and those against the cartel, no matter who else is around. So, many of those who die are shot and killed simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tide of this war is turning though, as the Mexican government recently nabbed the head of the Juarez Cartel, Jesus Salas Aguayo.

The government arrested Jesus right around the Texas boarder (which, naturally, makes sense as he is the head of the Juarez Cartel). Upon arresting him, the cartel put up heavy resistance against the police and government forces, burning busses and setting up blockades in order to prevent the police from escaping with their leader. The scene mimicked scenes earlier when the government arrested the Gulf cartel leader Jose Tiburcio Hernandez Fuentes on the exact same day. Members of his own organization turned on the police with guns blazing and started to set fire to anything they could in order to make it more difficult for the police and government officials to take him away. The even exploded a full semi-truck, with images showing there is almost nothing left of the original cabin.

Members of both cartels were shot and killed in the street, with police covering the bodies with blankets until they could remove the bodies from the scene. While this is nothing terribly new for citizens of the city, nor sadly is the sight of explosions and other outbursts of violence, it is hoped and believed that by cutting off the head of two major drug cartels, violence in the city and throughout northern Mexico can go down. The arrest of these two prominent individuals likely is going to bring about further attacks from the cartels to try and break free their leaders, although these attacks may work in the government’s favor, as they can arrest more of the attackers and take out more of the cartel members in one foul swoop, all while hopefully improving the quality of life in the city..

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