Smartphone Annoyances We All Have To Deal With

Smartphone Annoyances We All Have To Deal With



Have you ever been typing a lightning speed, not really paying attention to what your phone is actually typing? All over the internet smartphones users complain about their funny and not so innocent auto correct fails—there are even entire websites dedicated to these stories.

2Cracking Screens

Today between technology and the constant use of smart phones you would think that companies would put more thought into phone durability. After all, not everyone wants their screen to look like it is going to slice you hand open after one little fall off a desk.

3Battery Life

No matter how little you use your phone it always seems to lose battery way too quickly. This can cause frustration when you need to make an important call. How is the phone supposed to be useful if you do not have it when you need it? At the same time, if you do happen to find a charger the phone takes forever to charge. That means you are loitering on the floor by an inconvenient outlet trying to give yourself enough juice to make it to the end of the day.

4Water Damage

One of the most terrifying things that can happen to your phone is water damage. You could drop it in the toilet, get sprayed by a hose, or even drop it in a parking lot puddle. It is such a shame that we are still using that old “phone in rice trick” to dry it and hope that it is not permanently damaged.

5Black Screens

Users can pick how long after a space of inactivity that the phone screen turns off. However, it always seems to be the wrong time frame. You are either done and the phone is still on or you look away for one moment and you have to unlock the phone and put in your pass code again. It’s just a little inconvenient.

6Screen Rotation

It seems that phone screens are very sensitive when you don’t want them to be and yet refuse to re-orient when you need them to! I’m sure you know the frustration of the webpage you’re trying to read flipping on your, yet being unable to make a video easier for your friends to view. Instead of giving us finger scanners, next time maybe they should fix this issue..