New Research Shows Lesbians Drink More Than Other Women But are Not...

New Research Shows Lesbians Drink More Than Other Women But are Not Alcoholics


Being different or having an alternative lifestyle puts a good deal of stress on a person and on a relationship. If you happen to realize you have developed into a lesbian as the stress mounts you may be persuaded to drink alcohol.

Social Pressure

The social pressure to conform to a set of unrealistic values set by women who have no clue about their sexuality let alone everyone else. Let us get the truth straight now. It is not the lesbian specifically that causes the inclination to drink, it is being different and not able to conform to someone else’s values that makes the stress. Add in the fact that church denominations insist on crucifying anyone of that persuasion it leaves the group extremely vulnerable. After all the institution of church normally protects those being persecuted except in this case where they have at times been the root cause of it. A few lesbians do bite but they try to do it in a place that causes a sensation. Since LGBT population in the United States ranks a high 4 percent if you do not watch carefully you might miss their spectacle.


Lesbians - Main 1This particular group has been sorely spewed upon even by academic experts. Original studies showed they out drank even the heartiest of men. Of course more so than any normal everyday woman. More recent studies more fairly created and analyzed found a different story in the numbers. One that surprisingly states lesbians or better known now as sexual minority women drink about the same amount as everyone else but shy away from becoming alcoholics. What the study does not say is whether the so called normal women were actually having sex. It may be they just like to drink. Hopefully in future studies they will have a peeping Tom or Thomasina to check if the normal women drink to have sex, to avoid sex or a combination of both.  Another well-known fact about drinking is it becomes used as a self-medication for alleviating depression. Depression has physical symptoms where it makes the musculature cramp which alcohol cheaply and immediately relieves. Be aware of this fact depending on whether a woman wants the label of whore or not they lie immensely about their sex life or lack thereof. Whether lesbian or not, women have a lot to learn about having honest communications. By the way what is your age girls?.