New App Facebook Messenger Turns Pop Song

New App Facebook Messenger Turns Pop Song


Facebook is at it again! The social media giant recently announced that its Messenger service is going to transform into an open platform for a wide-variety of third-party developers. If the latter announcement caused a subconscious eye roll, then you are going to be shocked by the following … thanks to the platform update, one of the latest Messenger upgrades includes an app that converts typed text into popular music!

Zya Ditty: The Text-To-Autotune Generator of The Future
Zya Ditty is responsible for the latest app development. It allows you to write up to 70-character messages, pick out a unique background song, then wait for your 20-second music clip to populate. The music clip will include a text-based music video. Thus far, song choices include The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie,”  Sia’s “Chandelier,” OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars,” and several other popular hits. Public domain songs and up to 30 other popular generational tunes are included within the app’s launch. Want to see how it looks? Check out the latest YouTube Video Demo.

Complicated Tech That Is Fun and Innovative
On the surface Zya Ditty’s genius app may seem easy to create; however, the process is actually quite challenging. According to Dean Serlectic, head of licensing for Zya Music, “There’s an ingestion process where we study the melody of the song and the phrasing of the original melody versus what a user types in. The syllable count could be entirely different. We’ve got to make that work somehow. Our team goes all the way back to classical music theory, how Bach and Mozart handled music composition, up to modern techniques like stutter techniques and things in pop culture.”

Even though Zya Ditty is launching in conjunction with the Facebook Messenger announcement, it is also available as an app for both Android and iOS. The latter two app versions will allow users to save the text to song music clips as video on their chosen cameral roll. The videos can then be shared as an attachment or uploaded directly to Facebook Messenger with the simply click of a button.

While the app will only have 30 songs to choose from at the time of the launch, Serlectic is hoping to reach 100 tracks within the first 90 days. The tracks are selected using previous experience, popularity, and an advanced algorithm. According to Serlectic, “What we’ve found is that something as simple as nursery rhymes are immensely fun. The idea that whatever you have to say can be put into classical music or something we all heard in elementary school… You always want to build something engaging, but when you’re building it and having fun and laughing your ass off at the same time, that makes for the best products.”

With the Facebook Messenger upgrades complete, get ready to have a few laughs; the Zya Ditty app has just launched! It is now available for free within both the iOS App Store and the Google Play store! Let the text-to-song creative process begin!